The Events department is the most recent one in EMBS, having been founded in 2017 by the actual Chair, Maria Leonor Narciso, due to the growing need for the existence of a section specialized in organizing events. This department’s function is to plan and deliver punctual, such as Quizz Night, or recurring, such as Pandora’s Box, events. From playful activities, that provide students with a moment to relax, to workshops which help improve the participants technical skills, the events are created bearing in mind students needs and wants.



Unlike the famous greek mythology artifact, when opened, this event does not release a curse upon the world, very much on the contrary. In these informal debates on ethical questions regarding Bioengineering, the students can participate, along with professionals and enthusiasts, asking questions and even learning some more about certain topics.

The concept behind this event is a speed dating situation where Biomedical Engineering students can meet, talk to, and share ideas with alumni or professors about their course, job options for the future and any other relevant subjects. During the conversation, all the participants can enjoy a meal sponsored by 100 Montaditos.

Quizz Night is a light and fun event where students get together and form teams to compete in a general knowledge quizz with varied categories such as music, art or literature. We can guarantee that the three best qualified teams will not end the night empty handed!


Besides other more regular events, EMBS provides a vast offer of workshops, that can either be more technical, such as Python Workshops, or less formal. The main goal is to allow students to have na opportunity to improve their faculties, either academic or softskills.