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Who are we addressing?
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The IST Enterprise Challenge is one of the most recent initiatives of the student nucleus of the IEEE-IST Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS) Student Chapter, it will be having its first edition and will be carried out in October 2017.

Our ambition is to approach the students of the Instituto Superior Técnico to the work market through projects with companies.

Vision and Values

We believe that with the union of theoretical knowledge, team work skills, critical direction and devotion of the pupils will be essential for the future workforce.

The IST Enterprise Challenge challenges its participants to work in team, to present and to defend their ideas. Developing the student’s technical skills, critical direction and problem solving.

Who are we addressing?

Do you like challenges? Would you like to have an experience where you can put into practice what you have learned?If you think that you are the right student to join a team in a company, and help carry out a project with real world impact, you are in the right place! Join us!


        Hospital da Luz Learning Health is dedicated to the advanced training of professionals, translational research and innovation, in the areas of healthcare provision and management.

Luz Saúde’s Learning Health is inviting IST’s students to develop a real project over the course of this semester. Teams of 2 or 3 elements will present their solution to a problem related to the project they selected (the problem is unveiled 24h earlier). The presentation will be short, with a maximum of 5 minutes.

In the end, it will be selected one team to further develop each the project. Find out the projects here.

You can sign up individually or in a team (maximum 3 elements). The individual candidates will be clustered together to form a team.

Why join?

IST Enterprise Challenge provides you two unique opportunities!

The first is the chance to contact and get to know a company that it is growing and betting in hiring professionals from your area! You will meet their facilities, talk to the engineers, learning their professional course, and more important, learn what it is like to work as a real engineer.

The second is for the winning teams, that will get to develop a real project with this company. Besides the inherent networking, they will get to know in firsthand what it is like to work in a company, to test their skills and knowledges.

If you haven’t decided yet check out our first edition’s Historic and see what our participants have to say!

First Edition’s Historical

In the first edition, October 2017, we have the partnership of two companies.


CardioID gave the participating students a choice of projects to develop during the semester, in collaboration with it.

CardioID is a spin-off of Instituto de Telecomunicações and Instituto Superior Técnico, born out of research on pattern recognition and machine learning methods applied to the study of biological signals, especially the electrocardiogram (ECG). We have created a technology that allows the ECG to be continuously acquired from the subject’s hands using dry electrodes, enabling the development of innovative products, particularly ECG-based biometrics. This requires the development of custom hardware and electronics that enhances the signal quality, as well as robust signal processing algorithms. We have established a series of industrial connections with key players in various markets to integrate our biometric technology into their products.


Unibio challenged teams of 3 to 4 students to solve a real company’s problem, also giving the teams a choice. The team with the best idea to solve the problem had the opportunity to participate in the development of the project.

UNIBIO presents two interconnected axes: production of certified biologic cosmetics; the other aspect is the distribution of a careful selection of biologic cosmetics brands. The production unit accounts with the experience and technical quality of the team enveloped in the process of product design and production, as well as in the implementation of rigorous quality control processes and in the excellence of the raw materials used. All this is based on an appropriate scientific support, counting with a creative and effective team, which comes from several areas, such as Pharmacy, Engineering, Design, Architecture, etc. Our laboratory is our creative retreat. We are always thinking on how to extract the best actives from the ingredients and how to make the purest products. Throughout the factory we have real environmental concerns and a supreme goal of being, one day, a zero waste factory.

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Registrations will be closed by March 14th at 23:59h!



Never had any experience besides my degree. Can I apply anyway?

Of course yes! IST enterprise challenge aims to establish a relation between students and companies. So, we invite you and appeal to all interested students to sign up. There is a maximum number of teams that can participate, whereby there are criteria to select teams. However u have nothing to lose by signing up. Moreover only if you don’t apply, you are sure you won’t get in.

Which are the selection criteria?

The selection is made depending on your year of degree, your university course and CV

The challenge will be given 24h before the event starts, how is that going to work?

The challenge will be given to all teams by email simultaneously.

There are only one winning team for each project? Is there any prize for second and third?

All participants will receive a participation certificate, but only the winning team will have the chance of develop the project with the help of the company.

 Where will the event take place?

In Casas da cidade inside Hospital da Luz, next to the mall Colombo

When does the subscription period end?

It ends at March 14 at 23:59h.

When will I be informed if I got selected?

You will be inform March 15.

How much time will I spend work weekly on the project?

The project schedule is flexible, nevertheless it is recommended a 2 afternoons a week.