Worker of the Month

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In this section, EMBS-IST’s best worker will be honored month after month. Each one of this workers has showed commitment, a sense of responsability, team spirit and gumption and as so deserves to be imortalized on this page.
Each winner has been carefully selected by their coordinator and later voted in by the board.


    • November

      Nelson Bento
      Design Collaborator
    • December

      Laura Quintas
      Embrace Collaborator
    • February

      Mariana Henriques
      MedEngine Collaborator
    • March

      Vicente Magalhães
      Media Collaborator
    • September

    • October

    • November

  • December

    • April

      Hugo França
      Design Collaborator
        • May

          Bernardo Marrafa
          Events Collaborator
    • Julho

    • Agosto

    • Setembro

    • Outubro

    • Novembro

  • Dezembro