How To Get A Vendor To Give You The Time Of Day

How To Get A Vendor To Give You The Time Of Day

When I contact a vendor for the first time, I always start with email and transition over to Skype or WeChat. If possible, I try to arrange a face to face meeting by actually travelling to China. (This is recommended but not required)

When I send email, I don’t use a standard form letter or template because I purposely write my correspondence in a more personal tone.

Remember, you are dealing with real people here and you are trying to develop a relationship. I try to treat all of my vendors like I would treat an old friend or coworker.

In the beginning, my wife and I had a lot of problems contacting vendors because we didn’t understand their needs.

If you are dealing with a wholesale vendor or distributor, their primary need is to get paid for their products. There is very little upfront commitment.

If you dealing with a dropshipper, their primary need is to work with a store that can drive consistent sales. There’s a much larger upfront commitment to set up and maintain a dropshipping account and the hassle of shipping individual orders must be worth their time.

If you are dealing with a Chinese vendor, they have limited factory capacity so they need to work with someone who can provide consistent sales at higher volumes.

Before you approach any supplier, make sure you have a strategy in place that caters to their needs and your own.

And don’t forget that your vendors are trying to make a profit as well. The best arrangements are ones where you and your vendor can both make money and share a mutual interest.

But what we found was that this tactic generally pissed them off. Once we started getting a little more creative with our deals, our relationships with our vendors became much better.

For example, instead of trying to negotiate an absolute price up front, we agreed on a pricing structure based on volume of sales. Continuar a ler “How To Get A Vendor To Give You The Time Of Day”