Refuse to Function as Reason Lyrics – Boyz II Men

Refuse to Function as Reason Lyrics – Boyz II Men

[Chorus:] Whenever have love (whenever has actually love) Benefited a trick (gained a trick) I’d nil to lose (nothing to lose) But things are correct Now I am aware (now I am aware) I am aware what i got to carry out infant oh (I am aware the thing i got to manage) Merely stop sleeping to you personally (simply end lying, oh oh only avoid sleeping) Oh oh and you can reveal the case Cause’ when features like benefit a fool?

[Verse 1 – Nate] So allow me to get this best Your name yourself claiming goodbye No reason You didn’t even attempt to functions it out This time around, before you could go out the door You really really need to be certain that We’ve been here ahead of however now It’s funny you wouldn’t like so it any more

[Shawn] However, I remember whenever more than once Together with the craziness you put me compliment of We shoulda been through with your

If the like is not a conclusion to keep This may be very doesn’t matter in any event Why should I leave you my most of the Whenever you will be stopping Simply which means you learn Everything is not always been everything But I became thus prepared to make you some thing (I mean things)

[Chorus:] Well okay if the love is not an explanation to keep Following it really doesn’t matter anyhow Why would We have my personal all the, while you are quitting Just which means you discover everything is not always become everything But I found myself still ready to bring one thing We suggest far from I will not end up being the good reason why you happen to be gone. Ooh ooh ooh

[Verse dos – Wanya] Today We isn’t gonna sit Oh my friends say I am outta my mind Lead to We spent the my some time my personal paper After they told you you were not well worth a penny. I thought these were completely wrong Nonetheless they have been best all with each other I’m shocked that it browse what you’re creating You’re trying wreck exactly what i made very good

[Pre-Chorus:] But I remember when more than once Together with the craziness you put myself as a result of We shoulda been completed with your

[Chorus:] Better ok when the love is not an explanation to remain (told you they don’t count) It most doesn’t matter anyway (tell me why must We) Why would I provide it with my personal all of the, when you’re stopping Merely so that you learn (and that means you understand) what you ain’t been that which you However, I became however happy to offer some thing After all some thing (but I happened to be willing to bring every one of myself After all everything) But We will not function as cause. Ooh ooh ooh

Good sense out of pleasure (sense of satisfaction) Seeking exhaustion (shopping for exhaustion) I’ve been shed (yeah) Easily lose the loving (yeah) Woman You will find complete changed No good from inside the modifying myself Make you the brand new airplanes Your like has actually saved me personally yeaaaah oooh

[Connection – Wanya] Let me know as to why, why did you stay so long If you, you know which you believed like that While I realized We won’t possess lost my date for you Now you are free To accomplish what you should manage

[Chorus:] Well okay in the event that like is not a reason to stay (It does not matter woman) This may be extremely does not matter anyway (no they do not) Why should We provide my personal all (why must I leave you my what you) You need to know everything you isn’t been everything, zero However, I happened to be nonetheless ready to promote something, I am talking about certainly not I decline to function as reasoning (I won’t be the reasons why you’re leaving myself)

We refuse to end up being good reason why you will be went Why you might be gone gone It’s not my personal fault This time why you might be leaving myself Oh oh oh yes, I refuse to function as the good reason why you may be gone

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